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It's now available to all customers!

MamaLei's Famous Guava and Coconut Butters is now available to all her lovely customers. This delicious treat was previously made only upon request by MamaLei's family members. It is now time she shares it with the world! MamaLei makes 3 types of butter (Liliko'i, Guava and Coconut) all enjoyed in various ways. From her Liliko'i Butter, best paired with her Banana Bread, Guava Butter, best served over vanilla ice cream (Family likes all flavored butters on vanilla ice cream) or how does breakfast sound with Coconut Butter on toast with a cup of pineapple juice?! Talk about waking up to the taste of piña colada in the morning. We are excited to bring this to the world and see how you, would enjoy this delicate treat.

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